Heather is lifting a mug to you! The mug says: Wake up and #Makeup!  Let's get you organized and on top of your life!
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Hi, I'm Heather!

I am so glad you are here!! If we've just met, I wanted to welcome you and introduce myself!

My name is Heather Bresser. Most days, I’m a Mompreneur with my Groom of over 20 years, in our cozy and happy home. We love that our two young adult kiddos are doing their thing, and our a toothless pup running around.

My favorite color is peacock blue, and I crave sugar free vanilla & caramel Americano's with a splash of heavy cream. Yes, I have one almost daily. A great book, hot cup of hot chocolate, a cozy blanket on a Saturday afternoon while hubby and I watch either Formula 1 racing or the Seattle Seahawks Football completes me. 

I love being a connector! Networking and meeting new people, learning what their story is and figuring out how to connect them with resources and people they need is such a thrill!  AND...I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over a decade and a half. 16 consecutive years and counting. THAT's A LONG TIME!  I am 100% fulfilled in what I do. I get to empower others to their own success. Nothing makes me happier than hearing YOUR success stories because YOU chose to step into your magnificence, took action and made even a single simple change. Hey, That's progress! That's a win!

Early on, I didn’t want to be pushy, still don't. I didn’t want to alienate my friends and family.  I’ll tell you all about those hilarious moments, the ups & downs and all arounds, when you get on my email list.  

Honestly, I didn’t believe I had what it took to be successful
in this industry. But one day, I was FED UP! Fed up with
a business that I no longer loved and found it wasn't serving me.
I needed to make a change. That one simple change was powerful! 

I’ve got the secret sauce and it works. Simple. Effective. Duplicatable.

Welcome! So excited you are here and I can't wait to connect soon!

- Heather

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