My Favorite Things

I've been asked to share what I use on a regular basis to keep looking great, stay organized, and do things in the quickest amount of time. Below is a grouping of just a few of my favorite things! 

(If the links do not show up, be sure to disable the ad blocker on your browser as the links to the items go to Amazon.)


This is a fantastic resource for all the stock images you'd ever need! 

Ivory Mix is fantastic!

Love me some Canva!

Love to have a more cohesive look to your posts, flyers, images and more!  Canva has been a wonderful resource!  Here is a referral if you'd like to sign up and it does give me a credit for referring you!
Get started with Canva now!

Techie Stuff:

This is the tripod with the ring light I use to make my videos.

This is a fun little Bluetooth camera remote! 

Very sturdy, easy to use with the quick release button on the back! Highly recommend it!

Love wearing a fitness tracker that doesn't look like a fitness tracker!

This is the FitBit Inspire HR! Love it! Comfortable, reliable, seems accurate!

Household Stuff:

These are an absolute must for everyone's laundry! This is perfect as a housewarming gift or hostess gift!

Must have for every student to keep track of all homework and projects!

Love this set of Dry Erase pens for my Social Media Board!

Zoodler is amazing for an alternative to high carb noodles!

Cannot function without this gem! 

This is the upgraded version of the Keurig I have used for years! LOVE It!

Make a client's coffee extra special!

LOVE this Toaster Oven! Makes the best burgers, toast, curly fries, & more!

More coming soon!!!

Inspiration Corner:

Needing some inspiration, direction, or just a new book to read?  I have a library of recommendations waiting for you!

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