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It Doesn't Have to Be this Way!

Frustration & Unhappy!

Lost Sense
of Self

With the chaos around you, things just feel like you can’t keep all the balls in the air and you might be starting to feel like… it just doesn’t matter, but you know they should.

In this Mini-Course, learn QUICK and EASY STEPS to FILL YOUR CUP so you can fill into those around you!

Are you ready to set aside a bit of "me" time and focus on filling your own cup so you can fill into others?

You want to be there for everyone and everything in your life, there’s just one small hiccup that’s been holding you back. You are completely tapped out. Dry. Your cup is EMPTY! What if I told you it doesn't have to be that way.

You see, most of us think we have to wait until the time is right, or when things slow down, or when the kids go back to school, THEN you'll have time. ⏰ 

But the truth is, that can be risky when you have already given everything you've got and the well is dried up. 

I didn’t have any more to give. I was frustrated, short fused and got to a place where I just couldn't see the point any more, and was almost numb. That's when I knew I had to stop, look around and something had to change. In fact, most of the people that I  work with are in that exact same spot. 

Take Illessa James for example... 
Her business had stagnated due to losing her sense of self, which caused her vision and passion to feel murky at best. Her family life was a mess! The kids were often behind on their homework, she was missing their special events because none of them were on the same page, which frustrated all of them. 

What did she do? Together we helped Illessa create her morning routines, found her clear vision and passion for not only her business but her life, and she felt like she had found herself again.

How? She was crystal clear on her routines and activities that focused on keeping her cup to not just full, but to overflowing so she could then pour into those around her. 

We’ll be walking through these strategies in the Filling Your Cup mini-course. Join us now!

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