Filling Your Cup

When you are asked to describe life lately - overwhelmed, frazzled, drained, depressed, exhausted, lacking desire or passion for anything, filled with anger/frustration and generally unhappy when you look around?

How about – empty or unworthy?

It's not your fault.  Why? Because we are constantly pressured with all the different responsibilities from keeping a clean home, the kids and spouses happy, work and meeting deadlines, what's for dinner and it is 5pm, oh and there is a science project due tomorrow (and it is 8pm the night before)!  Or we are told - self caring is self-fish.


Stop! Your cup is just a tad dry, okay, it is empty!


Let's chat about a few easy steps to not only refill it but have it filled to overflowing abundance! So YOU can then in turn, fill into those around you! It's about knowing your value and being free to be yourself, present and in the moment to be your best self- mom, wife, friend, woman!


What does it mean to “Fill your cup”?  To me, this means to replenish your physical, emotional, and mental energy reserves.  Easier version… recharge your batteries.

Let’s make a plan and start adding to your cup, right now!


How does it work:

  1. Schedule it by blocking time!

  2. Routine is Gold!

  3. Insightful journey 

  4. What brings you joy?

  5. Amen Corner – girlfriends who lift you up, make you laugh, give you a kick when you need it. These are your Amen Corner Gals!

  6. Sleep is an absolute priority!

Still feeling a bit unfilled and need more ideas? Be sure to get your Free "Fill Your Cup Worksheet" below that has been put together just for you!

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