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Let's Lose it together!

Many have asked me what I have done lately to lose weight.  This is it.  131 is my game!  For those that know me, losing weight is HARD! With all the food allergies, autoimmunity, age-related issue, losing weight was just something totally elusive for me until I found this new way of approaching food and diet.  It's more an un-diet.  

I love this system so much!  You want to know the in's and out's, highly recommend starting with getting Chalene's book, 131 Method.  That's what I did. Was a total skeptic and a total Carb JUNKIE! Thought, there is no way in heck I'll survive a day without my carbs.  I didn't have any issues following this program.  My energy level is fantastic most days too!

My journey started the first part of May 2019. 

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Personal Progress:

- 30lbs

- 20" overall

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