Building that Balanced Mompreneur Life

All busy women, Mompreneurs, know that they need to find that balance. Looking great, feeling great, keeping the family and business worlds happy, healthy and functioning are vital!  

Life is crazy, you've got the house, family and all their activities, dinner to think about and did you get that last deadline right?  Oh, and the doorbell rings and it is the In-laws popping over for dinner - and your house looks like a typhoon went through.


It's not your fault, we all have this nutty life! Right?


So, how do those super-organized moms do it? Check out these few videos below for tips, ideas and systems to help you stay on top of it all!

Do You Appreciate all the Hats You Wear as a Mom?

Between your hustle and running with kids - anyone else feel like “just a mom” and they’ve lost their self identity?


This truly breaks my heart, to hear so many others raising their hands that they feel the same. I was there.


Sit down in a quiet moment and write down all the “hats” you wear. You are never “just” anything.


Don't believe me?

A mom is the most INCREDIBLE hat! You are the heart and soul of your family. You are the Time Manager, the Executive Chef, the CEO, the CFO, the CIO, the CTO, the COO, and so many other Chief Executive acronyms, that cover all aspects of your children’s, spouse's, and your own lives.

Those are mad skills you possess!


Your skills are something to be incredibly proud of. If you put those skills into a resume, WOW! No one could afford your accomplishments and qualifications!  Talk about over-qualified!

If you are feeling lost, you are in a perfect place for finding yourself.

Here is a challenge for you...

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Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash

Organizing the Kids

We all would love self-sufficient kids and crazy smooth mornings every day. The kids need structure and encouragement to get organized and keeping it that way!


Top 10 Ideas to helping kids become more Organized!

  1. Setting systems, expectations, & consequences

  2. Getting dressed

  3. General Cleaning and Organization:

  4. School Bag Audit

  5. Lunches

  6. Decluttering & downsizing often

  7. Whiteboards for tracking homework and projects.

  8. Set alerts

  9. Kuddos Box: Have one for each of you in the family.

  10. Routines


Where is the Fun?

What can we do to input more fun into our lives and really force ourselves to take some downtime to really check out the yuck feeling and really tune in to ourselves and into our families?

Quick answer?  You have to Schedule in the Fun!

Yes, literally. Schedule a weekly or bi-weekly family fun appointment. This doesn't have to be huge or expensive. You probably have all you need (maybe minus a few groceries) to make it happen!

What do you do for Fun?

There are a ton of ideas all over the internet. Here are a few examples and some quiet fun as well as crazy get moving fun to do solo and with the family!

  • Journal

  • Read a book

  • Draw/Color

  • Have a family Water Fight!

  • Toss the ball with the dog

  • Scavenger Hunt inside or out

  • Add or play in the garden

  • Have a Dance Party (even for just a few minutes!)

  • Watch a great Comedy movie

  • Have Family Board Game Night

  • Cook and/or Bake as a family

  • Pay it forward and do something in the community

  • Walk on the beach or go for a hike

  • Have a Picnic in the backyard

  • Pull out a puzzle


Challenge: Calling in the Fun!

Grab that schedule and make an appointment to bring the fun! Add in friends and family to make it a next step level fun! Up the challenge by marking out a weekly or bi-weekly standing appointment of fun for the next 3 months! Stick to it and use that time!

What are you going to do for YOUR Fun time?

Ready to dive deeper? 

Here are a series of videos from organizing, how to set intentions and best routines for keeping your days and evenings structured and productive.  You know, what supermoms do.  Have no doubt, YOU ARE a Supermom! Yes, I'm talking to YOU!

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