Are you being present?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Be Present!

Be here and now, not on that to-do list or worry about something that has happened or hasn’t come to be yet.

The past is history. It’s happened. Can’t change that. Things in the future aren’t here yet, you can’t control that either. So that leaves us with this moment. Here and now. Your choices to be present affect your next decisions.

Take this moment. Clear your mind. Take this minute to notice your breathe, notice your shoulders, are they relaxed? How about your hands? Are they balled up or open and relaxed? What is around you? Take a moment or two to really notice your surroundings.

Be Here. What needs your attention right now? Your kids and spouse need a quick smile, a hug or to be affirmed that you see them, you love them. Toss the ball with your dog for a few minutes. Breathe and laugh. Be here. Taking just a few minutes to be in the Here and Now strengthens those bonds.

When you find yourself bubbling up with anxiety. You have too much to do. That’s the myth of perfection sneaking in. How do you knock it down?

Ask yourself: In 5-years will this (what I’m frantically doing) really going to matter?

In years to come, how will your kids remember you? Frantic, always on the move, not available? OR If you learned to be present, will they recall how you were there, you listened, you played with them.

Take time to evaluate if you are truly being IN the moment or just reacting as it comes. Life is better in the moment.

Need some fun ideas to be In the moment with your family?

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Are you Being Present?

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