Are you Cute to the Shoes?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Let’s talk about CUTE TO THE SHOES.

I’m sure you were like, what the heck does THAT mean?

I literally mean getting cute to the shoes.

Get up, get showered and get dressed. Get your makeup done. I’m not talking DIVA, it can be brushing your hair and a bit of mascara, powder and gloss. Now put on a cute outfit – even your favorite pair of jeans and a comfy sweater, doesn’t have to be fancy. But get cute to the shoes.

Really it should be slippers, as I don’t want you to put on shoes yet.

It is basically just getting ready to the point that all you’re ready with just grabbing the shoes, coat, purse and keys and you can pop out the door.


Dressing up, even if you are going to be around the house all day, subconsciously, if not consciously, makes you feel better about yourself.

Look Good, Feel Good.

Power Pose if you need too!

Also, getting yourself ready to go, allows you to be calmer, more able to focus on the rest of your morning routine without having to rush and trying to multitask! Remember? Multi-tasking is a myth!

You know trying to get yourself and the kids ready at the same time, just doesn’t work.

The remedy – Get cute to your shoes!

Let’s see them! Comment below a selfie of your cutest to the shoes moment!

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