Happy New Year! Are you grateful enough?

It is just a few days into 2021! Happy New Year! As we started last week, it is time to evaluate and make sure we are being present and knowing that our plans change at a moment's notice. Let's be ready!

Last week, we floated the idea of instead of setting a resolution, we're looking at goals and breaking them down to a workable plan. So today let's start with that!

Are you grateful enough?

What does being grateful have to do with setting intention and reaching our goals? Quite a bit. If you aren't grateful for what you have now, how will you grow into something new and be grateful there?

Isn't that part of the daily grind that gets old quick? Striving for something, often putting in so many hours and hard work, not seeing a lot of growth, and often getting zero recognition for even making those steps in the first place?

So, how do you keep motivated? By being grateful for what you have now. Being grateful for the effort you took today to get one step closer to that goal. Being grateful for NOT hitting that goal you set for today, but learned a lesson - which is progress in itself too!

In order to reach our goals and stay on the path we need to be open to new ideas, adventures, hard work, hitting and missing in-between goals, and learning all the lessons along the way. That starts with being grateful with what we have right now.

So, how do we do that? Be acknowledging what we are grateful for each day.

Grab a fresh notebook.

It doesn't have to be fancy or it could be something super special with a fancy cover. Lined, unlined, it doesn't matter. Just grab a notebook and a pen and start!

The most important part is to start.

Start your 2021 Gratitude Journal. We are surrounded in blessings, even in a crazy time. One thing that will help to keep you grounded, is writing down daily what those blessings and lessons are.

Yes, some days it is harder to find those moments. Take a step back, put on some soothing music and be present. Open your eyes and look around. What did you do or not do today? What is a blessing you are thankful for? What is the lesson you are thankful for?

Finding it hard to find those blessings?

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