Are you stuck?

Are you anything like me? There are days when we have so many ideas you can't sit still and the day seems to fly by. Other days, well, you have so much to do, and yet you can't get your mind to engage and focus.

Here are three quick steps to pull it in and get back to it!

1. Change it up. Write your challenge instead of a statement, write it as a question. I have fifty things to do. Instead say "What can I choose to do right now that will tackle one of these fifty things in the next 30-minutes?"

2. Prioritize it: Now that you have identified one task to tackle, what are 5 actions you can do in that time block to make progress?

3. Put it into Action. Set a timer and do one of those 5 tasks right now!

You've made progress! Have more time, great! Revisit that list you identified as prioritized tasks and put it into action! More progress!

What's next?

You've Got this!

XOXO, Heather

P.S. Are you still falling behind and scrambling about and not getting much accomplished? Imagine you had a system that helps you not only prioritize your tasks but helps you set boundaries and create solid routines that are focused to feed into your goals with intention and a plan so nothing falls through the cracks! Join the next class of The Time Management Course where we will walk you through step-by-step to get you on track for your audacious goals!

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