Auditing that SOI - a great lesson even for our kids

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Identifying and regularly auditing our Sphere of Influence leads to the best possible life!

First of all, what is a SOI?

Your sphere of influence (“SOI” or “sphere”) are people in your personal and professional network with whom your opinion holds some weight. In business, your SOI is a critical source of referrals and repeat business. In your personal life, these are the mentors, often elders and friends who really influence you, and your children's lives.

Children have their own business SOI - think their friends, mentors, images they see daily when they are at their "work" aka school, their social events, and when they are gaming and communicating on their phones and consoles.

Keep track of your sphere of influence.

In your planning for the next couple weeks, or even up to a month, keep track of who you are around each day. Simply jot notes in your calendar, even on your phone. What were your thoughts after being in their space? Were you uplifted or deflated? After the month is up, go back and identify the 5-7 people you are around the most.

Are the majority of those experiences positive or negative?

Identify your raving fans or what call your "AMEN Corner"

These are the people that fall mostly, if not always, in the positive category. These are the people who would drop anything for you if asked in a moment of need. They are your cheerleaders but will also give you a swift kick and redirect you when you need it.

Make good connections! Make them last!

It is more than just spreading your business card at a social event or when you are out meeting new people. Connect! Set up the follow-up, a coffee whether it is in person or virtually over video.

Do some research before you meet for that follow-up. Cross check your social media platforms and see what you have in common. Think about the phrases of who are our "friends of friends" and "6 degrees of separation".

  • What are your common areas and things you both like?

  • Where are the disconnects and maybe can help each other out?

  • What are they posting about? Are they needing resources?

Don't let them fall through the cracks!

If you are taking time to meet new people, then not letting them fall through the cracks after is so important! Actually add them to your list! So much in life, business and personal friendships, are lost when you don't keep the connections going! You have to nurture all relationships.

  • Want to have a strong marriage? Nurture it! Date your spouse regularly! It is ALL about the small things. The small words of praise consistently given, a secret note for them to find later, a touch, a smile... It all adds up!

  • Want to have your kids trust and come to you when they need to talk? Nurture their relationship! Just like you have to build boundaries and trust, build it with them. Like with your marriage, it is all about the small things. Words of praise, trusting them to help you and you help them. It all adds up!

  • Want a strong circle of friends? Nurture it! Schedule a coffee date, send them a note! BE their best friends!

  • Want to be the person people contact for resources? Nurture those connections!

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