Bless the Home

“Nothing new can come into your life unless you are grateful for what you already have” - Michael Benard

Be in the Moment

Taking a few minutes each day as you are tidying up to thank your home for taking care of you, truly blessed your home. As you wipe the counters and clean the sink to thank them for helping you care for your family. It does many things at once.

  • Be Present: Thanking and blessing as you are tidying, puts your mind in the moment.

  • Less Stress: Being present puts the worry and anxiety off for another time.

  • Gratefulness: As you bless your home, you are more aware of what you have and are grateful for.

Organize Your Blessings

As you move throughout your home with the blessings tidy it up! Doing this is a blessing in itself because when you love something or someone, you want the best for them. Choose to only keep what blesses and brings you joy. Toss or donate what does not bless the space. Taking just 5-10 minutes each day. Over time, this habit of blessing the home blossoms into calm and more love within the space.

Another thing that I noticed when I did this in our home, as this was becoming a habit for me, my children caught on. Pretty soon, they were picking up and adding to the blessings and the calm around us. Today, they are older and still take time to really declutter and only keep what blesses them. Truly believe this has added to our family!

It's not what is taught, it is what is caught. I don't remember who told me this. But it really does put this in the right words. As my kids were seeing me blessing and organizing, they set out to start doing that in their spaces.

Challenge for you:

Grab a bag. Spend 5 minutes blessing your home. Be mindful as you wipe the counters or make your bed. Be thankful!

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