Ever read an amazing book and Life just changes? Got one for you!

Ever have a book change your life or it just came into your path at the right moment to ignite that spark within you?

This was one of those books for me.

This was one of those Audible books that when I got just a chapter into it I realized I HAD to get the hardback to make notes.

Then came the tornado of change.

I started in our master closet, then into our room, all the bathrooms, the kitchen, OMG the PANTRY... and it cascaded from there. 10... TEN crammed car loads of stuff to donation! I kid you not! It was like the house took a gigantic breathe and relaxes for the first time in a decade. It was THAT kind of book for me.

Thank you to @aslobcomesclean for this wonderful creation!

Do you have a book like that?

What book on your list did it for you? Had you wanting to take notes, or made you take some action in your life?

🗣Comment and let me know your favorite book!📚

Needing a new book?

Be sure to check out the library! I spent a year trying to beat my goal of reading over 100 helpful books. There is a wide range of authors, memoirs, genres and categories. The list is updated consistency!

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