How to accomplish your dream schedule in three easy steps

Wouldn't it be great if every day would run smoothly and according to plan. Well, we have crazy lives with so many different balls we have to juggle. Let's get it mapped out so nothing gets dropped.

Map it Out with a Weekly Plan at a Glance.

Most planners have a monthly view then a weekly view. This is where mapping out your week comes into play. Start with your "Must-Do's". These are tasks like your J.O.B hours, school meetings YOU have to be present for, standing appointments, scheduled doctor appointments, etc. Follow then with adding time blocks in for your top priorities and all your different tasks. Literally block out the time you won't be working too. I call this building in down time, family time, me time. It's great to be able to see your actual work hours.

Set a Timer!

Now you have your week mapped out. Time to get to work! when you start a time block, or a task, set a timer. Set the timer for about 2-3 minutes before you need to stop the time block. This will alert you that it is time to wrap it up and put it away to switch to the next block.

This all sounds crazy rigid and you are micro-managing every second of your day. At first, it might feel that way. But over time, it will become an easy habit. Setting that timer allows you to really focus on the task without disruptions. You won't have to constantly check your watch or the clock. Your 2-minute timer will remind you and help you keep on track for your schedule. Being able to focus like that, you'll be amazing at how productive you can be!

Build in Grace

There will be times a meeting will reschedule or you are so entrenched and being so productive you want to keep going. Other times an unexpected meeting or a sick kiddo needs your attention. Building in buffer zones around your main priorities keep a tie on the rest of your day. Miss a block this morning? Don't worry you have a "grace block" you can pivot that task into later in the day to get back to that task.

Use your planner to really Map out your perfect week. Knowing full well that some things will reschedule, cancel, or blow off completely, but you have your desired schedule mapped out to guide you! Use your timer and reminders to help focus and keep to the schedule. It might be tough at first, but stick to it. The timer is there to help you! Build in those grace blocks so if things go off the tracks you have a few areas you can reschedule it into and get back on track, or at least be able to tackle part of it.

You've got this!

XOXO, Heather

P.S. Are you still flailing through your day? So many things in life are out of our control and yet we have expected to keep everything balanced. Everything from keeping our children alive, fed, and virtually schooled, to keeping our homes clean and tidy, then add in running a business too and having to nurture all the relationships we are a part of. Having rock solid daily routines makes sure every aspect of our lives doesn’t fall through the cracks and we don’t burn out. What if you had your priorities mapped out from the moment your feet hit the floor? How would that change the mood and productivity of your day? Organizing Your Multi-Passionate Life Course is open for enrollment now! Let's get you into an easy daily routine now!

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