How to be consistent with using your planner

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Planner Series: 7 tips for getting consistent with using your personalized daily planner!

Don't miss out!

Having one place to put all your scheduling items like calendars, schedules, and events makes it so you won't miss out on important steps and events!

Coordinated and vibrant!

Prioritize in Color! Give every area or person a specific color. This is so helpful for at-a-glance knowing what a tasks or appointment is for! Giving each area of your life a color will allow you to know who/what needs to be where and be prepared! There are so many cute ways to write in your planner or embellishments you an add to customize the planner to help use a daily planner effectively.

For example, on my calendar each of our family members has their own color (daughter = blue, hubby = purple, son = brown). This is on the Family Master Calendar (that we go over in Organizing Your Mompreneur Life Course) and digitally on my phone as well. Each of my businesses have a color (green and pink). Leaving Yellow and Orange for special events or don't forget events. That way, if something blue pops up on my calendar, I know that is for my daughter and she needs me for it.

Increase Productivity

Using a daily planner for life for organization, learning time blocking is a great way to have things really coordinated and actually increases your productivity! How? By literally blocking out specific times on specific days to really focus on specific tasks.

Keep it Routine!

Setting reminders to prompt you to look at your schedule are a great way to build the habit of keeping it all routine. Setting timers when you start and need to finish tasks that you have set. Increases your productivity and keeps you focused!

Dream Tracking and enVisioning Inspiration

Yes, I'm talking about setting goals and creating a vision board that you see on a daily basis to keep you focused. Remember your WHY. How? By seeing it daily. By reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Choosing a binder that has a window front for your Brain Book aka your planner, allows you to have these front and center!

Dump & Sort

Have one section in your planner where you dump out and sort your to-do list. Keeping this in your planner is essential to actually getting things accomplished!

Tax Proof

I'm not saying this like being waterproof. But having a great planner actually becomes part of your tax paperwork for your business. It is proof of what you did, when you did it and with whom. Don't toss those calendar pages just yet. As you cross off the days and move through your tasks, know that these pages will be important legal documents in the future!

Seeing Suzie on Thursday for coffee to do a quick consult? Great, write down your beginning and ending mileage. Done!

Need a planner?

Here is a tool just for you! I have a free "Brain Book" customizeable planner template for you! Click to download!

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