How productive moms use their time wisely

We all have and wear so many different hats, being multi-passionate business owners. We also are the mom, the CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CMO, CHO, and so on for so many areas of our lives. How do you organize your day to make sure it all gets your attention?

It's all in your Segments!

What are segments? It's breaking your day into a minimum of three (3) segments of time. Family time and Business Time. Wait, you said three. Yes, I did. Let me explain.

  • Your kiddo has her virtual learning from 8am - 10:45am, you are needing to supervise.

  • Client meeting 1pm, but you need time to prepare for it.

You'd segment your day to have a business segment in the early morning, a family segment, then another business segment in the afternoon.

I really enjoy having that "early morning segment" which allows some quiet time, as most of the time no one is up to get in some really productive office time. Then the segment would break about 7:30am to allow for family time. It would allow you to have focused time being present, getting the kiddo up and get her day started. Then when her virtual learning, that you were needed to supervise was over, say you have a bit of extra time with her to help both of you decompress. Then at 12:30 your second business block would begin and that would allow you to focus, set up and be ready for your client appointment at 1pm. You'd be ready as you prepped from the early morning segment.

These segments are flexible. I typically have three segments and make sure that two of them are business related. When you are in one segment, it gets your focus and attention. then put away and the next you are focused on and so forth. Notice I said your "attention and focus". No multi-tasking. Be present for the task at hand.

Do you only need to have three segments? No! Have as many segments as needed, but I'd start with at least three. I have since broken my segments into sub-segments to allow more breaks. I work better when I can work on something, step away for a bit, and come back to it with fresh eyes and refreshed energy.

Does this really work? Yes! I wanted to tell you about a friend of mine who was just stuck. I mean STUCK! Roberta approached me and was so frustrated that she was feeling like a hamster in a wheel all the time. You see, Roberta didn't have solid daily routines or adequate boundaries set up. She was doing so much for everyone and never having any time or reserve for herself. We sat down and reviewed her routines and with a few simple changes, she realized how she could take time for herself without feeling like she was sacrificing her family or her work. Are you ready to take the next step?  Really Stop wasting time, eliminate the worry and overwhelm, setting up those boundaries so you prioritize what's important and figure out your top tasks each day without stress or sacrificing anything or anyone. Imagine starting the day calm, focused, with your priorities and intentions already set as soon as your feet touch the floor!  I talk more about the boundaries and the foundations and how to set things up to organize your life better inside my course. Click the link below to check out more about it.

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