Move that Mountain

A mountain is the perfect metaphor for the last year. Been reflecting on recent experiences and focusing on the fact that everyone has their own mountain to move. Came across this quote and it really embodies this.

This has really rung true for the last few days for me. Then I took a step back to really look at the mountain and then those around me or who pass through my pathways. They have their own mountains they are trying to move too.

How is your path lately?

Is it smooth and flat with lovely flowers, sunshine and beautiful things? Maybe it is one of those seasons where it is really steep with boulders and slides coming at you from all directions and it seems almost impossible to make it to the next peak.

What can you do today to take just one more step forward? How can you just move that next rock? An inch of progress each day makes miles down the road.

My message to you today is to look around and see how other people are moving their mountains and realize you too can move your own! You got this!

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