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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Make the Bed!

Feel accomplished while adding to the calm

IT all starts the second your feet hit the floor. Turn around and make your bed.

Don’t toss your pillow at me! I know it sounds silly. And it might even feel like a waste of time.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

But it works!

Ever have your day go to hell and you feel like nothing got accomplished? Then at bedtime you come to your room and the bed is made!

Hello! Accomplishment!

Bruno helped me make the bed!

Favorite part of the day!

Absolute bliss at the end of one of THOSE days to slip into a freshly made bed! There is nothing better!

How do you make this part of your routine?

As soon as your feet hit the floor, turn around and make the bed. Simple as that!

Why? Because, even if your day goes off, you've accomplished this. It's a win for your day!

Also, as you get in the habit of making your bed, it extends to other things. A nice bed, needs a nice space, you'll be more apt to keeping things tidier around it! Then look at what you have done! You've created a sanctuary that is calm, beautiful and completely and uniquely you!

Are your daily activities adding to your success?

Are you still flailing through your day? So many things in life are out of our control and yet we have expected to keep everything balanced. Everything from keeping our children alive, fed, and virtually schooled, to keeping our homes clean and tidy, then add in running a business too and having to nurture all the relationships we are a part of. Having rock solid daily routines makes sure every aspect of our lives don’t fall through the cracks and we don’t burn out. What if you had your priorities mapped out from the moment your feet hit the floor? How would have change the mood and productivity of your day? Organizing Your Mompreneur Life Course is open for enrollment now at a special price! Let's get you into an easy daily routine now!

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