No more Resolutions. Let's be Intentional!

It is that time of year, all you see are messages of ”setting resolutions“ for the new year. If 2020 taught us anything it is go be present and plans change.

Instead of setting a resolution, let’s look at goals and breaking them down to a workable plan. Then add in accountable steps to keep you on the path to make it happen.

We are still, unfortunately, in a growing pandemic. As much as we want it, Life won’t be going back to the “normal” we had this time last year after the strike of New Years. It just isn't. This has to be accounted for in our goals and plans. We have to account for mental health as well as striving for our life and personal goals. Resolutions are often judgmental And often unrealistic.

So what do we do?

1. Start your 2021 Gratitude Journal. We are surrounded in blessings, even in a crazy time.

2. Mindset and Intentions What can we do that keeps us in a healthy mindset and do things that truly feed our souls, minds, and bodies?

- What are you listening to? Music, podcasts, the tv. Ask yourself, is this the most positive influence I need right now? Is it adding to my life or stressing me out?

- What is the environment feeling like? Ask yourself as you look around you... Are the things around me adding to the calm and clarity I need? If not, how can I change it?

You've got this!

XOXO, Heather

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