Non-Traditional ways to increase your productivity

Feel like some of the normal ways of increasing your productivity just isn't your jam? Ya, me too! I am more of a think outside the box and try something a bit different and hopefully more fun! Here are 5 ways that have helped to increase productivity and saved my sanity!

Get a Stop sign

This is a physical sign you have on your desk or door that tells at a glance how people could or if they should approach you. It's color coded! Green means you are available and they can approach you. Yellow is you'd rather not be interrupted, but if it is urgent. Red is Nope, go away!

Meal Prep or Meal Program

This one I've added two ends of the spectrum. Meal Prep is spending one day a week to prep and prepare your menu for the week. You'll plan out exactly what you want to eat when and have the grocery lists ready! It saves you from the daily 5pm panic, you'll know exactly what you have on hand and what you need to get. It will allow you to start dinner each morning and be totally prepared each day.

Meal Plan are programs that do the prep for you and send the prepped meals to your door. Think Hello Fresh, Home Chef, etc. Often it is healthier, and cost effective with them doing the prep and you don't have to waste your precious time grocery shopping.

Airplane Mode and App Limits

When you are in the trenches and don't want to be disturbed by notifications, emails, calls, etc. Airplane Mode comes in real handy! Still gives you access to your phone but without everything else getting in the way.

If you don't want to be completely out of touch, having an app or using apps already within your phone that limit sending you notifications are available too.

Add +1! Get up earlier!

Not talking about adding your +1 to any wedding invitation. I'm referring to adding it to your morning on a regular basis. Set your alarm to be one hour earlier than your normal wake up time. This will be your new normal. Adding just one extra hour to your work day, each weekday, adds a whopping 32.5 extra 8-hour shifts to your year.

This could be your "early morning segment" that adds so much productivity to your day - even before anyone else is up yet! (If you haven't seen the blog post on Segmenting your Day, check up on that!)

No Multi-Tasking = Multi-Tasking is a Myth

Our brains are not wired for multiple tasks. That's for computers (and I question if the computers can even handle it sometimes). We have been brainwashed to believe that we should be doing multiple things at once and that it will help us be more productive. WRONG! (Here is one of my favorites of The Try Guys episodes. Sorry, there is a bit of language. Wished they had held their tongues a bit cleaner, but it is what it is. and Disclaimer... I'm not affiliated with them in any way. What they say or do or offer is on them. I just love their show.) This is the ultimate test of multitasking. Yes, it is a fail.

I have a challenge for you. For the next week. Notice when you are not focused or present for a specific task. Note when you start the tasks, and when you finish it. Then, the next time you do that task, ONLY do that task. I'll bet the focused session, you were able to get a heck of a lot more done, better quality, in less time! Would love for you to report back and let me know how you do!

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