Now the kids are back to school - sorta. How do we get them into a routine that works?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

How to to get the kids into a good routine.

Now that we are back to school, how do we get into a daily routine for the kids that makes mornings a lot calmer? Wouldn't it be great to get your child ready for school in the morning without the chaos and fuss?!

Let's do a Reset the night before.

One thing that seems to eat up a lot of time in the morning and is the never-ending search for missing shoes and socks, and getting the kids dressed. Part of the daily routine for kids is to teach them to lay our their outfit the night before. Lay out their clothes, including their shoes and socks too! Even with distance learning, they still need to be dressed and ready to learn. Allow them to learn how to choose their own outfits.

🤗A Quick hug 🤗 and special reminder for mom 🌼- Just let it go! It's okay if the socks don't match, the outfit clashes, is the same top day after day... let their personalities show and let them have responsibility and ownership of getting themselves dressed.

When you are making dinner, that would be a great time to also make the next days lunches and snacks. This will save the time and added mess with doing it all at the same time. Just pop them into the lunch bags and pop them into the fridge! Saves a ton of time the next day when the kids have their lunchtime break and won't have to waste a moment having to put something together. Now you can all just sit down and enjoy lunch together!

Track it.

Most kids thrive when they have a regular routine, know what is expected of them, and boundaries drawn. To do this, having a great visual is key! This is where Whiteboard Success comes in! It is quite literally using a whiteboard to have the kids list all their expectations with deadlines, consequences and rewards.

Does it really work?

We used to have so many notes home from teachers saying this or that assignment is missing, or parts of a project were late, and even nasty grams coming home saying we were supposed to supply the snack and all the kids were sad to go without. It was embarrassing, infuriating, and so frustrating! When we installed the whiteboard and had our kiddo write out all her assignments and projects with deadlines for the upcoming week, all her chores that she needed to have done and when, as well as all other expectations, everything changed!

There were no more shouting matches, no more missing assignments and best part - I could see at-a-glance where she was at, what I needed to do and when, and I no longer had to NAG her ear off! Another huge bonus, she realized how satisfying it is to cross off something when it was completed.

This not only works for kids.

This is fantastic for adults too! My daughter still uses one today for her college workload and her business to keep track of her projects. I use one for my businesses and tracking projects and follow-ups. Absolutely priceless!

Whiteboard to track assignments

Here are both my daughter's (on the right) and my own whiteboard.

Clearing the clutter sets up for success

Set up a space specific for school activities.

Setting up a zone for specific activities allows for compartmentalizing, reducing stress, increasing focus and reducing distractions.

If you are limited on space, that's okay. Set up the zones and break them down when that time is done. So if you need to use the kitchen table as school zone, then during school time put away the dishes and other clutter that isn't "school" related. As soon as school is done for the day, have the kids organize and put their papers and projects away. Then set up for the next time zone.

Teaching the kids that Multi-tasking is a myth.

Segmenting their time, setting up and braking down the zones, or a better way to call it is having "working hours", keeps their minds on the specific tasks. You might find they are more productive, and you too.

Be consistent.

All routines happen when they are enforced with consistency. How do you remind yourself? Simply set a timer. Use your phone. Literally set a timer for the different tasks. Have a timer for when it starts and another when it is time to put it away for the day. This will allow you (and the kids) to really focus on the one specific tasks. Recommend using a fun ring tone for the stopping alert. Then put on a fun playlist while you break down that zone and do a quick tidy or set up for the next task.

You've got this!

XOXO - Heather

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