Stop owning it!

How often do you hear yourself saying, “Never mind, I’ll do it myself”? Probably more than you’d like. We all tend to take on more than our share of responsibility and it’s a real time waster. Stop owning other people’s stuff.

The solution? Let others manage their responsibilities themselves. This includes your children, spouse and colleagues.

Just because the toilet paper faces in instead of out, doesn’t matter. IT’s there.

Just because the dishes are piled in instead of organized by size, shape, color and type. They’ll get clean.

Just because the towels are folded right to left instead of left to right. You’ll survive.

The point! Let other's have own their responsibilities and grow through them. It's okay to NOT have everything perfectly in it's place all the time. Really look at your priorities and what you really need to focus on. You'll be better for it!

You've Got This!


- Heather

P.S. Are you still flailing through your day? So many things in life are out of our control and yet we are expected to keep everything balanced. Having rock solid daily routines makes sure every aspect of our lives doesn’t fall through the cracks and we don’t burn out. What if you had your priorities mapped out from the moment your feet hit the floor? How would that change the mood and productivity of your day? Organizing Your Multi-Passionate Life Course is open for enrollment now! Let's get you into an easy daily routine now!

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