Tackle your email inbox in three easy steps without wasting time

Did you know there is a day, a holiday of sorts, that is devoted to how much we have overloaded ourselves with information? Indeed there is, on the 21st of October it is "Information Overload Day". Thought we'd turn to getting a handle on our inbox. Doesn't the email box sometimes feel like it just takes over!

When you deal with an email, quickly determine which one of these three choices:

  • Action Required Now: Act Now! Take the action and be done.

  • Action Needed Later: Snooze it, choose date and time for when you need to then take immediate action.

  • No Action Required: Archive it. It doesn't need your energy or space.

1. Let's declutter for the long-term

Unsubscribe. To help alleviate your inbox, unsubscribe from the lists you don't think you'll need or benefit from. Why have them cluttering up your box?

Consider have a separate email for things like your rewards clubs, online accounts, etc. think about all those coupons! How many times do those companies send incentive emails each week? This account you only really need to use the search function when you need a coupon. It won't matter if you have 20 or 20,000 emails. You aren't really going to spend much time in this secondary account. Maybe - maybe once or twice a quarter, you'll pop into it and delete old expired offers.

Change the settings! Create filters and automatically place recurring lower priority emails to only appear maybe once or twice a day or even a week. Know that certain senders are never going to offer any value or what they offer just isn't your cup of tea. Mark them as spam to automatically filter those right into the archive.

2. Don't be Anal.

Stop hyper organizing your email. It is a waste of time. The fastest way to find anything in your inbox is using the search function. Hopefully, that gives you permission to just spend a small portion of your time in your inbox. You have higher priorities to attend too.

3. Set the Schedule.

To focus your time and limit it so you don't fall down the rabbit hole, literally block out 5-10 minutes into your calendar on a daily basis, a couple times a day. Maybe once in the morning, and once at the end of the day. When that time starts, literally set a timer. Then, when the time is done, close your tab or the app. Don't have it open all day to distract you. Turn off the notifications for it. Then move on to your other priorities for your day.

Remember, Action now, Snooze (schedule), or Archive (delete). And then Search! Those are the keys to getting on top of your inbox!

XOXO, Heather

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