It’s all in Learning the Art of the Pause!

WE have ALL been there! You are wanting to be the go-to person and are being asked left and right to be part of things! Then 10 minutes later, or even as you feel yourself uttering the word "Yes" and you KNOW in your heart of hearts you should be saying NO. But you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or look like you aren't part of the team.

What’s the Trade Off?

First, what does saying “Yes” to all these things make you trade off? Yes, every time you say yes to something, there is indeed a trade off because that means you have to say no to something else.

  • Yes, I want more family time. So that means saying no to that project you need to work on.

  • Yes, I want to finish that project or go to that event. So that means saying no to family dinner.

  • Yes, I'd be happy to make those cookies for the school fundraiser. No, to having that extra hour to sitting with a client so I can make those cookies.

  • Yes, I'd love to chair that event. No to both family time and working in my business towards that goal because I'll be spending 150 hours on this event.

There are always compromises, trade-offs, concessions.

So it is important for you to adopt the Pause.

Adopt The Pause!

The pause allows you to stop, evaluate how saying yes to this ask will affect your life. Is it something that steps you toward your goals - personally, professionally, mentally, emotionally? Or is it something that does not take you a step closer to your goals?

It is so important to take that pause.

How do you take the pause?

There is a great phrase to adopt: "Let me check my schedule and get back to you."

This single phrase will do many things.

Allows you to stop and evaluate Is that selfish? NO! Your time is valuable and prioritizing your goals and dreams for yourself, your family, your business, and your life is not selfish! That is what is your purpose. To make those four areas the most satisfying.

Allows you to take back your power and stay focused Every time you say no to someone, you are making the decision to prioritize yourself. When you say no to things that aren’t taking you closer to your goal, you are more open to opportunities for growth and learning personally and professionally.

Allows you to be more valuable. When you are able to say yes, you will be able to fully show up.

Allows you to conserve energy.

Saying no to extra tasks allows you to save that energy for what is most important.

This improves your health inside and out. More energy, better health.

Using this phrase is so freeing! "Let me check my schedule and get back to you." No longer worrying about if you'll disappoint someone or let them down. Saves you in the moment to really evaluate and allow you in your timeframe to respond.

Learn and incorporate that phrase in your daily life!

XOXO, Heather

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