Verb it out to increase productivity!

Planner Series: VERB it out!

Odd phrase, right? But it works!

Your planner is set up, now how do you get yourself to actually take action on your tasks and plans? Let's up your productivity by adding a bit of action to your tasks! It is all in how you word it!

Look at your typical to-do list and calendar....

  • Coffee with Suzy

  • Kid's craft project

  • Cookies for class celebration

  • Doctor appointment

  • Consult with Jennifer

It looks like a general to-do list. Not very exciting. Kinda flat. Let's fix that!

Instead, Start your tasks with a verb.

  • Meet with Suzy to discuss X,Y,Z. (Meet and Discuss... not just your every day coffee date!)

  • Craft outline for W Project (Craft - specific and directional which will help you focus on exactly what you are needing to do during that time slot!)

  • Write emails for followup on Z event. (Again, specific to what you need to do)

  • Audit and Prioritize top tasks for tomorrow. (Audit... changes are coming! Prioritize... what is it that is going to take you closer to that goal and your Why?!!)

  • Schedule weekly posts for Instagram (Specific, focused! You've got this!)

So, now that you know you need some power words to use, let's add some to the active vocabulary...

Need ideas on what active verbs to use?

Ask, Formulate, Schedule

Create, Write, Craft, Draft, Compose, Design

Audit, Change, Set-up, Deploy, Define, Delegate

Apply, Verify, Finish

Putting an action to your tasks gives you direction!

Your challenge:

Take time this week to add that fire behind the tasks to get it accomplished! - Verb It Out!

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