What makes a planner great?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Planner Series: How many times have we invested in a planner only for it to be really unusable for our life? (I know I have gone through dozens!)

Here are four things to make your planner great - and work for you!

1. Flexibility that easily fits your life!

Nothing quite like having a planner and not being able to use most of it, because it just doesn't work for what you need. Or worse, it is half way through the year and well... those cute dated pages are just not needed.

Having a planner where you can start it on the date you desire and even having the weeks set up as you prefer (Monday is the start of my week, Sunday is the end, I like having the weekend days together) is so great!

Make sure your planner is general enough for you to modify it for your needs but specific enough that it gets the job done!

Have kids? When they come home from school with the mountain of flyers, where do they usually end up? (I know, crumpled at the bottom of their backpacks then on the kitchen counter) How about having a tab in your planner to house all those flyers. Never miss an important event again! (I even added a flat 3-hole punch to the front of the tab so it is easy to punch them and add them in! Think I got mine at Target for $5 - totally worth it!)

2. Accessible schedule at a glance

A planner HAS to have a section that incorporates our schedule. But beyond that, it needs to be fast too! Yes, having it on your device is great, until you can't reach wifi or you are in an area where even cellular has zero bars. (and I swear, I meant to charge the battery!)

I've had devices fail on me so often, I've moved back to having a paper version and duplicating it on my device.

Having a calendar that is month-at-a-glance view and followed by weekly pages for specific tasks and notes is definitely beneficial! These become part of your permanent record for your business for tax purposes! You can easily incorporate your mileage log right into your calendar too! (talk about a time saver!)

3. Establishes Routine and saves time

Having all your notes, journalling, scheduling, flyers, and everything in between in one place helps you to establish a routine in using it. (Plus, it cuts down on time wasted in trying to find the various notebooks you took notes on that important meeting three weeks ago and can't find it!) This is why you hear some say "my life is in this book!"

4. Inspires and Focuses

Having a window front binder or book allows you to decorate the front with your goals, vision and your why. Having your schedules, your notes, and tabs to track your important projects, activities you are involved in, as well as helping keep all those in your family on the same page all in one place helps to keep you focused. Having your why in front of you daily keeps you inspired and frequently reminds you of why you are doing what you are doing to push you forward to those goals!

👉Need a planner template that you can easily customize?

Many that know me, know I use a "Brain Book", as I call it. Used it for years! It is so easy to use and can be dressed up or just left plain, whatever your personality. It even has a social media template as part of it too! The Brain Book Planner Template is waiting for you and can be easily downloaded (yes, it is free for you!) along with top tips on what super organized moms do to not lose their minds. Visit my site now to get that!

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