Busy Mom Weekly Meal Planning Kit

Busy Mom Weekly Meal Planning Kit


Have you ever looked at the clock - 5pm and have no idea what to cook? 


The answer is to Plan it out!


Planning out exactly what you want to cook, on what days, does multiple things.

● Organizes you!

● Start the dinner in the morning – OMG Instant Pot / Crockpot is your BFF! 

● Saves Money and Time!

● Healthier Option!


Here is a simple plan, with worksheets to simply your meal planning! 


And a bonus!  15 of our Bresser Family Favorite Recipes to get you on your way!

  • What to expect?

    PDF download.  File includes how to formulate a simple weekly plan to lay out and get your family meal plan in place.  Worksheets and our family favorite recipes too!

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